Author: Mark Szymczyk

Choosing Font Sizes for Your Book

If you’ve done any writing on a computer, you’re familiar with fonts and font sizes. Most writing apps have a control to choose a font and font size. Many Mac apps have an inspector bar to choose the font size, which you can see in the following screenshot:


In the screenshot the font size is 13. What does the 13 represent?

13 is the size of the font in points. 72 points equal 1 inch. If you made the font size 72, each line of text would be 1 inch high. 13 point text is slightly larger than one sixth of an inch.

What’s the right font size for the body text of your book? It depends on the font you’re using and whether you’re publishing a print or electronic book. One font may be as big at 10 points as another font is at 11 points.

Print books can use smaller font sizes because you hold print books closer when reading. 10-12 point text works well for print books. Electronic books need larger text: 12-18 point text. You may need to experiment to find the best font size for your book.

Places to Publish: Paddle

Paddle is a platform for selling digital goods. It’s similar to FastSpring, which I covered in an earlier article. While Paddle is geared towards people selling software, you can use Paddle to sell ebooks from your website.


Paddle takes 5% of the sale price plus 50 cents. If you sell an ebook for $10 on Paddle, you receive $9.


You get to keep more money from each sale than you keep with Amazon or Apple. In my $10 ebook example, you get 90% of the book price. That’s 20% more than Amazon and Apple give you.


Paddle doesn’t print books. Use Paddle to sell your ebook and a print on demand publisher like CreateSpace to sell a print version of your book.


If you want to sell ebooks on your website, using Paddle is a good way to get more money from those sales.

Commonly Misused Words: We and Us

Writers usually misuse the words WE and US when adding a noun after them. Take a look at the following phrases:

something we writers struggle with every day

something us writers struggle with every day

When reading those phrases it’s not easy to determine which one is correct. The trick is to omit the noun when reading the phrases.

something we struggle with every day

something us struggle with every day

Now it’s easy to see that WE is the right word to use.