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AM Pages for iOS

AM Pages is now available at the App Store. I think the app works best on an iPad with a hardware keyboard.

On iPad AM Pages works best in landscape orientation because both the list of pages and the contents of the selected page fit side by side. On iPhone AM Pages works best in portrait orientation. Landscape orientation on iPhones doesn’t let you see enough text due to the onscreen keyboard.

One Bug Holding Up the Release of AM Pages on iOS

I have been trying to fix one irritating bug that is keeping me from releasing the iOS version of AM Pages. The bug appears only on devices running iOS 11, but that happens to be the version most people use.

AM Pages has two main user interface elements: a table view with items for each day’s morning pages, and a text view where you type today’s morning pages or read a previous day’s pages. If you launch AM Pages, select the newly created entry for today, and type your morning pages, everything works fine.

The problem occurs when you go back to the table view and return to the text view. If your iOS device is in portrait orientation, the text view won’t scroll when you type. The lack of scrolling means that after a while you can’t see what you’re typing. The only way to get the text view to scroll is to rotate the device to landscape and back to portrait.

I have spent weeks trying to fix this bug. I asked a question about this issue on Apple’s developer forums and received no responses. What is particularly frustrating is I am using the standard text view that numerous iOS developers use in their apps. The text view scrolls on devices running iOS 9 and 10, but not on iOS 11.

If I ever find a fix for this bug, I will submit AM Pages to the App Store.

Call for AM Pages iOS Testers

I have the iOS version of AM Pages at a point where I can show it to external testers. If you would like to test AM Pages, read this post and follow the application instructions.

System Requirements

An iOS device running iOS 9, 10, or 11.

Application Instructions

  1. Go to the AM Pages page.
  2. Click the Email Support button.
  3. In the email you send, tell me your name and the iOS devices you will use to test AM Pages.

I will assume the email address you use to send the email is your Apple ID email address. If you use a different email address to send the email, please include the Apple ID email address in your email.

Installing AM Pages

You must download and install the TestFlight app before you can install AM Pages. TestFlight allows you to run pre-release iOS software on your devices.

After installing TestFlight, launch it and accept the invitation to install AM Pages. Please keep in mind you won’t receive an invitation until I add you to the list of external testers on Apple’s iTunes Connect site.

What to Test

I want you to look for problems with AM Pages and report them to me so I can fix them before I submit AM Pages to the App Store. Some specific things to test include the following:

  • Make sure only one entry is created each day.
  • Make sure you can see what you are typing when using the onscreen keyboard.

But don’t limit yourself to this list. If you notice a problem or want to suggest a way to improve AM Pages, send feedback by going to the AM Pages page and clicking the Email Support button.

AM Pages on iOS

Over the weekend I built a usable version of AM Pages for iOS. There are some issues with the iOS version, but it does everything the Mac version does.

I don’t have a release date yet for the iOS version of AM Pages. This is a side project, and I have more testing to do. I’m letting you know an iOS version of AM Pages is in the works.


I’m not sure if I’m going to release AM Pages for iOS. The more I use AM Pages on iOS, the more problems I find, things like crashes and the keyboard keeping you from seeing what you’re typing. Add the fact that AM Pages is the first iOS GUI app I’ve programmed, and I’m not sure I can get AM Pages to be good enough to put on the App Store. If I can get it good enough for the public to use, I will put AM Pages on the App Store. If not, I can use AM Pages as a learning experience.

AM Pages

I am happy to announce the release of AM Pages, a free Mac app for writing morning pages. Julia Cameron popularized morning pages in her book The Artist’s Way. Free your brain to be creative with three pages of stream of consciousness writing every day.

I have been using AM Pages to write morning pages for several months. There were a few bugs that made the app unsuitable for public consumption. But I recently fixed the last of these bugs so I am sharing AM Pages with you. Go to the AM Pages site to download AM Pages.