Keep Scrivener from making the first words in a chapter all uppercase

When you compile a Scrivener project to create an EPUB or PDF book, you may find the first few words in each chapter have all uppercase characters. How do you stop Scrivener from doing this?

Choose File > Compile in Scrivener to open the compile sheet.


If you move the mouse over the section layout, a small Edit button appears in the upper right corner. Click that button to edit the section layout.


Select the Section Layouts item on the left side of the section layout editor. Click the New Pages tab in the lower half of the section layout editor. Set the value of the Number of opening words to make uppercase setting to zero or whatever number you want.

Does Scrivener’s compiling frustrate you?

If you find compiling a Scrivener project to be frustrating and time consuming, take a look at Bartleby, a Mac and iPad book formatting app.

Use Scrivener for what it does best, writing books, and use an app designed for publishing books to publish your book.

Compile your Scrivener project to MultiMarkdown and import it into Bartleby. For most books that’s 99 percent of the work. Click the Publish button, and Bartleby gives you a professional looking EPUB book you can sell at Amazon and other online book stores.

Go to the Bartleby site to learn more about the app, download the Mac version, and find a link to the iPad version.