One Bug Holding Up the Release of AM Pages on iOS

I have been trying to fix one irritating bug that is keeping me from releasing the iOS version of AM Pages. The bug appears only on devices running iOS 11, but that happens to be the version most people use.

AM Pages has two main user interface elements: a table view with items for each day’s morning pages, and a text view where you type today’s morning pages or read a previous day’s pages. If you launch AM Pages, select the newly created entry for today, and type your morning pages, everything works fine.

The problem occurs when you go back to the table view and return to the text view. If your iOS device is in portrait orientation, the text view won’t scroll when you type. The lack of scrolling means that after a while you can’t see what you’re typing. The only way to get the text view to scroll is to rotate the device to landscape and back to portrait.

I have spent weeks trying to fix this bug. I asked a question about this issue on Apple’s developer forums and received no responses. What is particularly frustrating is I am using the standard text view that numerous iOS developers use in their apps. The text view scrolls on devices running iOS 9 and 10, but not on iOS 11.

If I ever find a fix for this bug, I will submit AM Pages to the App Store.