Publish help books for your Mac apps

Current version: 0.4


Creating Apple Help Books Is Painful

Adding a help book to your Mac app can reduce the number of support emails you get from customers. But creating a Mac help book is painful. Apple’s Apple Help Programming Guide has been archived and was last updated in 2013. There’s hardly any current documentation for creating help books. Most Mac developers give up in frustration. They add an item to the Help menu that takes people to their website instead of adding a help book.

Phel Simplifies Creating Apple Help Books

Phel is a native Mac app that creates an Apple help book from Markdown files.

Import the Markdown files and any image files into Phel, enter the necessary information for the Info.plist file, and hit the Publish button. Phel returns an indexed help book that you can add to your app’s Xcode project.

Spend less time on customer support and more time improving your app by using Phel to create a help book for the app.

System Requirements

Bartleby requires a Mac running macOS 12 or later.