Places to Publish: Gumroad

Gumroad is an e-commerce site you can use to sell electronic books. A nice feature of Gumroad for indie authors is Gumroad lets you offer PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions of your books so people can read your books on computers, tablets, smartphones, and Kindles.


Gumroad charges $10 a month to sell your products. For each ebook you sell, Gumroad takes 3.5% of the sale plus 30 cents. If you sell an ebook for $10, you get $9.35, which is almost 25 cents more than you would get selling the same book on FastSpring.


You can easily offer PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions of your books.

You keep more money from each sale. In the example I used you get 93.5% of the sale price. Amazon and Apple give you 70%.


Gumroad charges $10 a month. If you don’t sell many copies of your books, FastSpring is a safer choice for selling ebooks on your website.

You need your own website to use Gumroad.

Gumroad doesn’t print books. Use Gumroad to sell your ebook and a print on demand publisher like CreateSpace to sell a print version of your book.


If you want to sell ebooks on your website, using Gumroad is a good way to get more money from those sales.