Places to Publish: Paddle

Paddle is a platform for selling digital goods. It’s similar to FastSpring, which I covered in an earlier article. While Paddle is geared towards people selling software, you can use Paddle to sell ebooks from your website.


Paddle takes 5% of the sale price plus 50 cents. If you sell an ebook for $10 on Paddle, you receive $9.


You get to keep more money from each sale than you keep with Amazon or Apple. In my $10 ebook example, you get 90% of the book price. That’s 20% more than Amazon and Apple give you.


Paddle doesn’t print books. Use Paddle to sell your ebook and a print on demand publisher like CreateSpace to sell a print version of your book.


If you want to sell ebooks on your website, using Paddle is a good way to get more money from those sales.