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Saving the Help Book

When you save a book initially, there is a File Format menu in the Save panel. Make sure the file format is Help Book, which should be the default. If you choose another file format, you won’t be able to open the help book the next time you launch Phel.

The File Format menu is part of a limitation in SwiftUI, as detailed in the following Apple forums thread:

Prevent Save Panel in SwiftUI Mac app from saving as file type my app exports

Help Book Not Appearing

If you run your app from Xcode and open your help book from the Help menu, you may get the following page in the Help Viewer app:


The cause of this error is the help book not being registered in the Help Viewer app. To work around this issue, you must run your app from the Applications folder.

In Xcode choose Product > Show Build Folder in Finder to show your app bundle in the Finder. Copy the app bundle to the Applications folder. Run the app from the Applications menu, and you should be able to view the help book from the Help menu.

Current Bugs and Limitations

  • There is no localization of help books.