A Jira issue tracker for Mac.

Current version: 0.1


Development of Rija is on hold due to a combination of the difficulty of working with Jira’s REST API and a lack of interest.

Are you forced to use Jira at work?

Your employer uses Jira to manage their projects. You tried using Jira’s website and hated it.

  • The website is slow and uses lots of RAM.
  • You have to keep a browser tab open all day.
  • There’s no dark mode.
  • You spend too much time figuring out how to do things.

You used Atlassian’s Mac app for Jira, but they stopped developing it. You can keep using the Mac app for now, but it will eventually stop working. What do you do then?

Spend less time in the browser with Rija

Rija is a Jira issue tracker under development for Mac (and possibly iOS). Manage your issues without opening a browser tab.

Rija is a native app so you don’t have to deal with the bloat and heavy RAM usage in Mac apps that use Electron. Plus you get support for both Dark and Light mode.

I’m in the early stages of developing Rija so there are rough edges and missing features. Help shape Rija’s development and let me know what features are most important to you by clicking the following button:

System Requirements

Rija requires a Mac running macOS 11 or above.

Quick Start Guide

Sign in to Jira

When you launch Rija you will be prompted to sign into your Jira account. Sign in and grant Rija permission to access your Jira account.

The Interface

The main interface for Rija has three views: a project list on the left, an issue list in the center, and an issue detail view on the right.


Select a project to show its issues in the issue list. Select an issue to show its details in the issue detail view.

Adding an Issue

  1. Select a project.
  2. Click the Create Issue button below the issue list.
  3. Enter a summary and description for the issue.
  4. Choose an issue type from the Issue Type menu.
  5. Click the Create Issue button to finish creating the issue.

Adding a Comment to an Issue

  1. Select an issue.
  2. Enter the comment text in the New Comment text view.
  3. Click the Comment button.

If an issue has a lot of comments, you will have to scroll down to find the New Comment text view.

Current Bugs and Limitations

  • If you cancel while signing in to Jira, you won’t be able to do anything in Rija. The workaround is to relaunch Rija and sign in.
  • If you create a comment, select another issue, and select the original issue, the new comment does not appear in the comment list. The workaround is to select another project and select the original project.
  • You can’t edit or delete issues.
  • You can’t edit or delete comments.
  • There’s not much error handling.